Marketing In China

Just like in the United States, it is important to market your product and services to your overseas retailers.

Rare Bird Trading Company offers numerous opportunities for marketing in China and can consult with you on identifying the appropriate marketing tools including billboards, TV, radio, Internet and print. We also offer access to a full-time exhibition and trade show space at the Suzhou Industrial Park.

The Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) International Commodities Exhibition Center in Suzhou, China, offers your company the opportunity to reach millions of new customers interested in purchasing your products or services. It is a continuous exhibition space that can be used as a forward staging area of products or services for sale and distribution in China, as well as re-export to other Pacific Rim countries.

The SIP International Commodities Exhibition Center will allow businesses an easy and cost-effective way to gain access to China and Greater Asia, the third largest market for American exports after Canada and Mexico. Exhibitors at the Center will be able to display products in bonded, secure areas and benefit from regular promotional activities by the Center and Rare Bird Trading Company to buyers in the Jiangsu Province – China’s second largest, according to GDP – along with government officials and businesses throughout China.

They will have access as well to two Foreign Trade Zones operated by Rare Bird Trading Company’s partner, Longistics – FTZ 214, located in the Global TransPark near Kinston, N.C., and FTZ 93, located in Research Triangle Park. Rare Bird Trading Company also has a unique partnership with SeAll, the Chinese government’s Integrated Free Trade Zone operator, to help establish SIP International Commodities Exhibition Center. Access to these FTZs and IFTZ allow duty free import and export of products, samples and exhibitor space materials.

The FTZs handled by Longistics offer compelling advantages for both international and U.S. companies. For international companies, it provides a profitable entry into the U.S. marketplace. For U.S. manufacturers, it can help level the playing field against their global counterparts.

The IFTZ offers such advantages as deferred duties, exhibit and display without duty, duty exemptions on re-exports, inverted tariff relief, domestic content exemption, local ad valorem tax relief, and no duty on defective or rejected components, all for sale and distribution in domestic China markets.

As a permanent exhibitor at the SIP International Commodities Exhibition Center, you will display products in bonded, secure areas, and you will benefit from regular events held at local, national and international levels to attract buyers.

Contact Rare Bird Trading Company to find out how our access to the International Commodities Exhibition Center can benefit your company and allow you to do business in China.